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    Packaging Tools and Systems for Forest Products

    Our end-of-line packaging solutions for forest products include hand strapping tools, strapping machines, wrapping machines, and in-line automatic systems. The equipment has been specifically designed to unitize and palletize a wide variety of forest products, including frames, trusses, firewood bundles, timber packs, panels and MDF, softwood, and hardwood.

    The heavy-duty applications in this industry require the best-quality products, tools, and packaging machines.

    We custom design our packaging solutions in partnership with our forest clients to withstand harsh transport conditions and environments and protect your valuable products. We’ll help you get your products to market as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.


    Strap Solutions

    Keep loads secure during transit with our high-performance polyester (PET) strap or high-tensile zinc-coated steel strap.

    Strapping Machines

    From small parcels to oversized pallets, our strapping machines can meet all your requirements. Larger machines can include top and size compression for load stabilization, and applicators such as corner protection, robot devices, and labels can be used to enhance the strapping machines.

    Hand Strapping Tools

    FROMM hand strapping tools make it simple and easy to manually unitize products and ensure a stable load.

    Wrapping Machines

    Our wide range of spiral wrappers for lengths and timber products will provide a four- or six-sided protective skin. These high-speed machines can process even the largest forest products, including 1800mm board.

    Invest in heavy-duty packaging solutions for forest products

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