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    FROMM Wrapping Solutions

    are exclusively designed and manufactured for a long life.Our exclusive automatic wrapping solutions use advanced cut-and-hold technology to fully automate your wrapping operations with a wireless remote. Featuring the Super Rapid Thread II powered pre-stretch film carriage, our wrapping systems can dramatically reduce film waste.

    We offer fully automated solutions to streamline your wrapping operations using the latest technology. Our wrapping products are built with your unique business needs in mind so we're sure to find the right solution to meet your requirements. Both durable and reliable, wrapping solutions have been made for packaging any product in mind at he most competetive price.

    Our wide range of pallet wrapping machines can meet all requirements and applications, including small and tall pallets, light and heavy loads, and odd shapes and sizes.All wrapping machines are designed with a focus on flexibility and ease of operation, while our carefully selected components keep wear and maintenance to a minimum.


    Turn Table Wrapping Machine

    turntable-machineTurntable wrapping machines are easy to commission, operate and maintain. Their straightforward design focusing on simplicity in operation, makes it particularly attractive for use in locations with a diversity of operators and products.

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    Rotating Arm Wrapping Machines



    Arm wrapping machines, with their uncomplicated modular design, low service requirements and many options, are an excellent solution for locations where large quantities of various pallets are wrapped and space is an issue.

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    Stretch Wrapping Robots

    Stretch Wrapping robots

    They are standard equipped with a FC2 film carriage with a mechanical brake, a basic OP1 control panel and a mast for wrapping pallets up to 2200 mm heigh. With a fully charged maintenance free Gel-battery, < 180 Euro pallets can be wrapped.


    Orbital Wrapping Machines

    orbital wrapping for packaging

    The high level of technology, intelligence, quality and reliability makes the Octomeca machines ideally suited for large production volumes up to continuous operation. Partly due to its modular construction and many options, the Octomeca products can be flexibly adapted to any customer demand at a very competitive price and very acceptable delivery time.

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