Material Handling and Recycling Solutions


    FROMM specialize in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge systems tailored for diverse industries, including the wood product sector and scrap metal industry.

    SWEED is at the forefront of designing material handling systems, offering advanced recycling and handling solutions tailored for industries like wood products and scrap metal 

    SWEED scrap choppers offer solutions to reduce a variety of scrap, everything from P.E.T. strapping, steel banding, baling wire, and bandsaw blades to fast-moving slitter trim and red-hot tube scarf.

    No matter what industry you are in, maintaining workplace safety and efficiency in your facility, yard, or plant is very important. A brilliant way to maximize productivity and worker safety while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing revenue is by streamlining your scrap materials.

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    With Sweed’s steel banding choppers, its quiet easy to handle and dispose off the unprocessed steel banding.  The banding chopper processes the metal to a scrap so compact that the unprocessed contents of one 30-yard dump box can fit into two 55-gallon drums after chopping. 

    There are so many benefits to efficiency both on the line and off with Sweed steel banding choppers.

    • Wood & Lumber industry

    • Textiles industry

    • Paper industry

    • Food, Beverage, and Packaging industries

    • Warehousing

    • Recycling industry

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    How can I ensure that I am buying the right material handling equipment for my business?

    When picking out material handling equipment for your business, it's a good idea to think about a few key things. What kind of material are you dealing with? How heavy is it? Also, consider how far and how high you'll need to move it. Don’t forget to check the space you have for the equipment and think about how often you'll use it. And, of course, keep your budget in mind. Keeping these points in mind will really help you find the equipment that's just right for your needs. Plus, remember, our experts are always here to help you find the perfect machine!

    How does a scrap chopper function in material handling?
    Simply feed the scrap banding into the infeed funnel. The Scrap chopper material handling system will then engage, as the feed works grips the material and draws it into the path of the rotating knives. It efficiently chops the material until it's fully processed or until the operator disengages the feed works using the release lever.
    Which types of linear materials are suitable for processing in a scrap chopper?

    Sweed Choppers offer a powerful solution. Capable of converting virtually any kind of ferrous or non-ferrous material into a more manageable state, these choppers are versatile.

    Short list of linear scrap materials are

    • Bailing Wire
    • Polyester Strapping / banding
    • Polypropylene Strapping
    • Steel Strapping 
    • Wire rope 
    • Steel rods
    • Metal banding


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