Manual Pallet Wrapper

    EasyWrap isn't just about innovative wrapping solutions; it's about bringing those solutions to you in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible.

    EasyWrap offers an economically advantageous alternative, making professional wrapping accessible to all businesses, big or small. Its manual, motor-free design ensures light and easy movement, providing unmatched ease of use. The adjustable film carriage caters to your specific wrapping needs, ensuring every load is secured perfectly. Choose EasyWrap, and join the ranks of businesses stepping into the future of efficient, affordable, and effortless wrapping solutions.


    The FM50 EasyWrap®, a flagship product from FROMM Packaging Systems Canada, is not just a pallet wrapper machine; it's a revolution in packaging efficiency. Designed to optimize your packaging process, the FM50 EasyWrap® offers a blend of simplicity, efficiency, and ergonomic design, making it the ultimate choice for businesses looking to enhance their packaging operations.

    Effortless Operation, Exceptional Results

    he FM50 EasyWrap® redefines manual plastic wrapping for pallets with its user-friendly design. Without the need for electrical components or motor drives, this machine promises a hassle-free operation that anyone can master. Its lightweight build and straightforward mechanism make wrapping an easy and pleasant task, ensuring regular and tightly wrapped pallets every time.

    Advanced Features for Superior Performance

    The FM50 EasyWrap® stands out with its adjustable film brake, capable of handling thin or even pre-stretched films with ease. This versatility allows for a range of film types to be used, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and adaptability to different packaging needs. Moreover, the mechanical transfer for moving the film carriage up and down facilitates precise and uniform wrapping, enhancing the safety and stability of your pallets.

    Economical and Ergonomic

    Designed with your budget and employee well-being in mind, the FM50 EasyWrap® is a cost-effective solution that reduces film usage and labor costs. Its ergonomic design alleviates the strain on arms and backs, promoting a healthier work environment. This not only leads to increased productivity but also to a happier and more motivated workforce.













    FM50 Manual Stretch Wrapper










    Struggling with inefficient packaging processes that are costing you time and money?

    At Fromm Packaging Systems Canada, we know your pain points and want to help you overcome them.  We understand the challenges of the packaging industry and the frustration it can bring. The wrapping systems and solutions offered by FROMM and Octomeca have been designed to withstand all operating conditions and distinguish themselves by their simplicity, both in operation and simple integration. Contact us today to see how we can make your packaging process more efficient.

    Benefits of Stretch Wrapper 

    • Save time and money with our stretch wrapping machine
    • Reduce product damage and increase customer satisfaction
    • Improve your packaging process with our expert advice
    • Increase productivity and streamline your operations
    • Get peace of mind with our reliable equipment and outstanding customer service
    • Stay ahead of the competition with our innovative solutions

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