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    3rd Generation 
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    Automatic Pallet Wrapper with  Æolus Air Technology

    FROMM 2000 series highlights the most recent developments from FROMM, the industry leader in packaging supplies and packaging machinery. This series of automatic pallet wrapper machines offers solutions for wrapping pallets of different sizes and weights. The innovative patented Æolusᵀᴹ technology secures the packaging film by air jet. 


    FR2000 Stretch film wrapping ma­chines Include remote control, automatic cutting of the film at the end of each wrapping cycle and the subsequent attaching of the film end against the package, by air.

    With this feature, the film no longer has to be attached to the pallet by hand and it is sufficient to position the robot against the pallet. 

    The wrapping process can then be started remotely (from the fork lift truck). At the end of each wrapping cycle, the film is automatically cut off and attached against the pack­age, by air. 

    No additional machine guards or other mechanisms are required for this process and it can be used at any wrap­ping location within your company. 


    Slash Costs, Boost Efficiency: Advanced Stretch Wrap Technology That Pays for Itself.


    •   State of the Art 7" Touch Screen Operating Panel (OP). For easy and flexible programming and reading service information 
    •     Power supply: 2 AGM 12V 120Ah maintenance free traction batteries. Lithium batteries available as option 
    •     Wrapping capacity (lith. batt), depending on pallet sizes and no. of wraps: 200 - 300 pallets 
    •     Film carriages; CA2 mechanical brake (std),
    •     Audio signal at start and stop of wrapping cycle and with ma­chine status flashing light 
    •     Pallet height sensing photocell 
    •     Robust safety bumper feature for the highest possible safety working environment 

    Some of the most interesting Options 

    • Film carriage add-ons: 
      • Film widths 750, 1.000 mm. (295", 39.4" )
      • Double coil dispenser
      • Careless coils
      • Coil holder kit for Net-wrapping
      • Manual or automatic film roping
      • Film cutting at the end of the wrapping cycle
      • Automatic cutting film strips (3, 4 or 5 strips) 
    • Remote control
    •  Start - stop in 0-position
    •  Low temp (-5°C) kit
    •  Extra batteries , with extra external charger
    •  Stretch film consumption measuring unit
    •  Cycle counter
    •  Choice of various guidance units and wheels for a variety of pallet loads 



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