Orbital Wrapping Machines

    Orbital wrapping, an ingenious method for securing products, plays a pivotal role in the modern packaging industry. Orbital stretch wrapper envelops products with a continuous sheet of wrapping material like stretch film, single or double protection of the products like  profiles, blinds, shelves, MDF, wood panels, plywood, doors, closets, cabinets and windows.  These machine wrap and protect your products of dirt, dust and humidity during the transport and storage.
    The modular designed orbital stretch wrap machine is meant to secure loads with 250mm wide power pre-stretch film. Bands can be placed independently or can create cross connections between several bands to secure loads during transport and storage. It is our passion to well protect our customer goods during transportation and warehousing, by means of our world class film protection solutions. The standard orbital wrappers are equipped with the feeding system, reel dispenser, cutting unit and the control panel which works in unison to execute the wrapping cycles.
    FROMM and Octomeca wrapping solutions have clearly established themselves in the film wrapping market. Our intelligent innovation orbital stretch wrapping solutions are well thought-out solutions for packaging any kind of product or packaging at lowest possible cost. We have many ways to support and protect product loads during transport and warehousing. Due to our long experience of wrapping machine engineering we can solve even the most demanding customer needs.Request Information
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