VCI Packaging

    Fromm Packaging Systems offers a comprehensive range of MetPro VCI products, including but not limited to VCI papers, VCI polyethylene sheeting, and VCI liquids as well as support products such as VCI emitters, foams and desiccants.


    What does VCI mean?

    VCI stands for "Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor" , this provides corrosion protection through VCI Molecules that evaporate from a carrier material (e.g. film, paper, foam etc) . 


    Your company may have raw materials such as steel, brass, copper, or aluminum that require careful storage and transportation, free from the threat of rusting. Fromm introduces a cutting-edge solution with our advanced VCI desiccant packaging system, ensuring optimal protection against corrosion and ensuring your products are always ready for use.


    Ever wondered how rust forms? Rustic Metals needs three crucial elements: moisture, air, and the metal itself. When these elements converge, they trigger an electrochemical reaction called corrosion. Rust manifests only if all three elements participate in the reaction; if one element is absent, rust will not occur. Our ingenious VCI Technology exploits this phenomenon with the help of desiccant packaging.



    what is vci packaging
    before and after vci packaging of metals

    The method involves extracting moisture from the formula that leads to rust formation. The metal product is wrapped in an impermeable compound foil / film / paper and a sufficient quantity of desiccant is added strategically to the package. The desiccant's role is to trap and absorb moisture from the surroundings, preventing it from affecting the metal permanently.

    vci paper protection
    • VCI inhibitor papers were developed especially for storage and transport of iron and non-iron metals.
    • VCI papers completely replace the need for comment corrosion protection methods such as grease and oil leaving the
      metals residue free and ready to use
    • Your components, machines and pre-fabricated metal parts of steel and cast-iron can be easily and cost effectively wrapped and
      corrosion free.

    VCI Film protection-1

    • VCI film fits every application - multi-metallic, ferrous, non-ferrous, cast iron, copper as well as long and short-term applications.
    • Our film eliminates the need for oils and liquids, which leaves the metal clean, dry and ready for use.
    • Usage as full wrap, contact protection or case liner distance based
    • Ideal for steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, brass
    • VCI protective vapours ensure that your metal product does not disappear into thin air!


    A new generation of VCI film which combines world leading corrosion protection and the highest level of care for your workers, your products and your customers.

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