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    FROMM Packaging Systems Canada announcing Strapack Strapping Machines as our new strategic partner. StraPack meet a wide variety of needs from standard types to fully automatic packing machines with in-line specifications that are built into production lines. Talk to a provider today and discover just how you could improve not just the packaging process, but efficiency overall.


    Strapack Product Line

    Introducing the new iQ-400, StraPack's new semi-automatic strapping machine with dual tension mode. This allows for a wide variety of applications with just a flick of a switch.
    iQ400 - Semi Automatic Strapping Machine


    ■ The iQ-400 is a durable and heavy-duty strapping machine designed to withstand various harsh environments.
    ■ The iQ-400 is yet amazingly quiet to operate and well suited for office use also.
    ■ The iQ-400 runs strap from 5 millimeters to 15.5 millimeters (5/8 inches) without additional parts.
    ■ Optional adjustable legs are available upon request. With this option, table height can be adjusted to 750, 800, 850 or 900mm.


    ■ The iQ-400 has less moving parts, which makes it easy to maintain and keeps the operation cost low.
    ■ All electric parts are arranged in one side of the machine, enclosed in the cabinet, for easy maintenance and protection of crucial parts.
     ■ The torque tension mode is suitable for stronger tension or to strap compressible packages, while the stroke tension mode is best for soft tension or quick operation.
    ■ Tool-free access to frequently accessed areas for easy maintenance.


    The JK5000 is priced so that customers with moderate strapping needs can afford a full featured quality arch machine.

    JK5000 - Economy Automatic Strapping Machine


    • Fast
    • Economical
    • Automatic Refeed
    • Energy Saving
    • Seal Joint Integrity
    • Jam resistant
    • Easy Maintainance
    • Easy Strap with conversion

    Strapping Machine with Brushless DC Motor

    The StraPack’s new line of strapping machine, the SQ-800 with brushless DC motor. The SQ-800 provides better efficiency without compromising the reliability of the legendary RQ-8x. 


    SQ-800 - Automatic Strapping Machine


    • Efficient Brushless DC Motors
    • Adjustable Table Height
    • A Cycle Counter
    • Foot Bar operations


    • Standard strapping rate is 1.1 sec = 55 straps/min, even when a tension is applied.
    • The Machine Ready to operate in less than 25 seconds
    • Even less Moving Parts, with Self -Lubricating Design
    • Less Dusting
    • Various Tension Setting
    • Quiet
    • Easy Strap Loading
    • Automatic Re-Feed
    • Anti-Jam Function

    Automatic Strapping For Small Packages


    The SQ-800S with brushless DC motor for small packages boasts all the advanced features of the SQ-800 such as self-loading, refeed and loop ejection.Ideal for strapping small bundles of plastic pipes, steel rods, aluminum sashes, etc.


    SQ800S - Automatic Strapping Machine - Small Packages



    •  SQ-800S tightly straps packages as small as W40 x H30mm (W1-1/2 x H1-1/8 in) *
    • Standard strapping rate is 54 straps/min, even with tension applied.
    • Less Dusting and Less Moving Parts with Self-Lubricating Design
    • Adjustable Table height for easy integration in packaging lines 
    • Foot Bar Switch for hands-dree operation Cycle Counter


    Automatic Side-Seal Strapping Machine

    The SQ-800Y with brushless DC Motor is a side-seal model which boasts all of the advanced features of the SQ-800 such as self-loading, refeed and loop ejection.
    The machine fits any existing or proposed conveyor system, adapts to any conveyor height and requires no special equipment.
    Several options are available to make it easy to integrate the SQ-800Y into a conveyor system. Larger arch sizes offer a wide range of applications, particularly for large and heavy packages.
    SQ-800Y - Automatic Side Seal Strapping Machine


    • Wide Adaptability to Fully Automated Packaging Line
    • Amazing Strapping Speed
    • Automatic Re-Feed
    • Loop Ejection
    • Self Correcting Technology


    Fully Automated - Belt Driven Model

    The StarPack RQ-8A is a fully automatic strapping machine which is apt for production line systems. It is ideal for high volume, operator less packaging lines.




    RQ-8A - Fully Automated with Conveyor


    • Increased Productivity
    • Easy Strap Loading
    • Self Diagnostic & Correcting
    • Quick Warm up Heater
    • Easy Maintainance
    • Automatic Re Feed
    • Ready to Operate in under 25 secs
    • Available in 2 arch widths - W650mm (3 belts) or W850mm(6 belts)

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