A480,  light weight pneumatic steel strapping tool, utilizing single notch overlapping seals.I A480 is very suitable for strapping rods, bundles, tubes, coils and narrow packages. If used at a fixed location, the tool may be suspended on a balancer.

    A480 is an Ideal pneumatic steel strapping tool for strapping tubes, wire coils and all kinds of small bundles, it is a handy and popular tool in the industry. Since its is light weight it does not necessarily have to be suspended which makes mobile operation easier. A480 is also available in two different tensioning levels.



    • Pneumatic pusher-type combination steel strapping tool

    • Proven performer for strapping bars, bundles, pipes, and coils

    • Strapping dimensions:
      • width:10.0 - 19.0 mm / 3/8 - ¾”
      • thickness: 0.38 – 0.63 mm / .015 - .025”
        2500–4500N tension force

    • Ergonomically arranged levers for tensioning and sealing
    • Single-notch seal


    • Ideal for small bundles, such as pipe and tube

    • All-in-one tension, seal, and cut

    • Robust and reliable

    • Long life wear parts



    Strapping Qualities Uniflex and Ultraflex max. 1100 N/mm2 / 160'000 psi
    Strapping Dimensions width 10.0 – 19.0 mm / thickness 0.38 – 0.63 mm
    Weights 4.5 kg without suspension / 4.6 kg with suspension
    Average seal strength approx. 55%
    Seals Overlap seals, see chart
    Type of joint Single notch joint
    Strap tension 2500 N and 4500 N







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