A337 Manual Steel Strapping Tool

    A337 Manual steel strapping tool

    The A337 is the perfect manual steel strapping tool for regular and high-tensile strapping. The A337 features FROMM’s MicroLock seal technology, which guarantees against the strapping joint unlocking.


    • Strap qualities:

      • Uniflex up to 850 N/mm2

      • Ultraflex up to 1100 N/mm2

    • Strapping dimensions:

      • width : 9.5 – 20.0 mm / 3/8 – ¾”
      • thickness :0.38 – 0.63 mm / .015 – .025”

    • Regular or high-tensile steel strap

    • Two-lever tension, crimp, and cut

    • MicroLock seal technology

    • Ergonomic design

    • Weight :
      • 4.5 kg / 9.8 lbs
      • 4.7 kg / 10.4 lbs (TW version)

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    A337 with MicroLock™ safety joint
    An ideal tool for a wide range of vertical and horizontal strapping applications for flat goods in almost all industries. The unique innovative punching of the sealless MicroLock™ joint guarantees even greater safety. Opening and closing by the recoil effect is rendered impossible. The MicroLock™ seal is very popular for strapping packages which for instance are subject to shrinkage due to drying out.


    • The MicroLock™ sealless system guarantees a maximum of security of the sealless steel strapping joint against unlocking
    • The tool can handle regular duty and high tensile steel strapping
    • The tool can handle steel strapping up to a thickness of 0.64 mm / .025″
    • Thanks to the special tensioning system (free wheeling) no loss of strap tension
    • The sealing mechanism is completely closed
    • The adjustment of the cutting and sealing depth is simple
    • The feed wheel and the die and cutter support are easy to change


    The table below gives you all key factors of this very reliable and durable device that gives everyone who works with it a secure and familiar feeling.


    Strapping Qualities Uniflex and Ultraflex max. 1100 N/mm2, 160'000 psi
    Strapping Dimensions width 9.5 – 20.0 mm / thickness 0.38 – 0.63 mm
    Weight 4.45 kg, 9.8 lbs Normal version / 4.7 kg, 10.4 lbs TW version
    Average seal strength approx. 80%
    Sealless joint Fromm MicroLock TM
    Suspension (Optional) Suspension for vertical and horizontal applications (has to be ordered separately)
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