Steel and Aluminum

    Packaging Tools, Machines, and Automatic Systems for the Steel and Aluminum Industry

    Quickly and cost effectively unitize and palletize a variety of steel and aluminum products with FROMM packaging tools, machines, and automatic systems.

    Our expertly designed equipment can be used for:

    Metals Industry Tube and Pipe

    Each of these applications includes its own unique challenges, and additional technologies such as bearer systems, corner protectors, and label applicators are often needed. Our wide range of hardware can integrate with your preferred strapping and wrapping system. Combined with hand strapping tools and other offline products, we ensure you get a complete system from a single supplier.


    Strapping Solutions

    High-tensile zinc-coated steel straps and heavy-duty polyester (PET) straps will keep your heavy loads secure during transport.

    Strapping Machines

    FROMM packaging machines are custom designed using modern technological innovations to suit your unique steel and aluminum product requirements. Combined with bearer insertion, corner protection, and compression systems, our strapping machines will ensure your products are shipped to their destination with confidence.

    Strapping Tools

    We have an extensive range of battery and pneumatic hand tools perfect for the steel and aluminum industry, including our P331 tool, the world’s most powerful battery strapping tool.

    Stretch Wrapping

    We offer some of the most highly revered pallet wrapping machines in the steel and aluminum industry to meet all client requirements.

    Get world-renowned packaging tools and machines for the steel and aluminum industry

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