FROMM offers worldwide expertise in protective packaging, including bubble wrap, Airpad film, and VCI protective packaging. We offer light, clean, and easily disposable protective materials to avoid product damage and cover all your protective needs.

    Types of Protective Packaging

    Traditional packing materials such as polystyrene loose fill are becoming an item of the past. They are expensive, cumbersome, and heavy, and in today's economic environment, this is no longer a viable solution.

    FROMM Airpad solutions have lightweight properties, which lower shipping costs, and because you’re creating the inflated packing materials on demand, they require minimal storage space and handling in your facility.

    By using FROMM Airpad systems, your packaging will be consistent and controlled. The labour requirements are low and you will appreciate the ease of production as well as the system's clean, dust-free characteristics.

    FROMM films combine reliable protection and multiple uses with cost-saving features for the ideal in-the-box packaging products.

    Versatility of Airpads

    The large number of programs allows you to produce the most suitable Airpads for your product. Since both Airpad models can process a wide range of film qualities of various thicknesses, a virtually unlimited number of combinations and applications are possible. The number of combinations can be multiplied again by changing the air pressure used in the Airpads.


    Film specifications

    • Type L: 40 mm / 1 9/16″
    • Type L: 60 mm / 2 1/3″
    • Type L: 80 mm / 3 1/8″
    • Type L: 160 mm / 6 1/4″
    • Type XL: 160 mm / 6 1/4″
    • Type XXL: 160 mm / 6 1/4″


    FROMM Cushion Film is an extremely versatile and durable packing product made with the same film process as Void Film air pillows.

    Each perforated section of FROMM Cushion Film is divided into air chambers, making it flexible enough to wrap, bend, and fold the film around products for multiple uses and optimum protection.

    FROMM Void Film is a reliable cushioning material for light- to medium-weight objects. This serves as a fast and neat void-fill, a durable block and brace product.

    Airpad Film

    The Airpad 100 tabletop air pillow machine is user friendly and ideal for decentralized packing stations. Various pad sizes ensure superior product protection.


    Produce bubble wrap on demand with the compact Airpad AP150 machine. It’s the ideal solution for high-speed protective packaging—the unit can generate 18m of bubble wrap in one minute.


    The AP502 Airpad is a fully automated machine capable of producing 49 versions of six different sizes of Airpad pillows from the same roll of film.


    The newly designed FROMM Hopper System delivers our airpads on demand directly to the individual packers. This can be used for most applications, and major cost savings are achieved through this system by enabling the packers to pack more products quickly.

    The Hopper System can be built to any customer’s specification!

    Hopper Systems

    Vapour corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packaging products will protect your steel, cast iron, chrome, copper, brass, and zinc products from corrosion and rust. Our VCI papers, films, and more are produced using natural ingredients and are FDA approved.

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    To meet your transportation needs, our recycled paper packaging is an eco-friendly and versatile protective packaging solution to cover and protect your fragile products.

    Our AAR-approved CYCLONE Air Bags  incorporate the latest technology and features to help you secure your loads easily and effectively. With our dunnage bags and unique digital inflation technology, you can start improving your processes now.

    Dunnage bags are easy to position, fast to inflate, and water resistant. Quickly and easily fill voids that can create load shift risks in shipping containers.


    • For use in all truck shipments that consist of lightweight cargo
    • Bags lock your load into place and reduce or eliminate product damage while in transit
    • Easy to use with quick inflation and deflation
    • Light-weight, flexible, and reusable in over-the-road applications
    • Available in both Kraft paper and synthetic material
    • More bags per box = less storage space required



    • Transportation Method: Truck – vertical or horizontal in lateral voids
    • Mfg. Standards: 2 PSI Maximum air pressure
    • CPS Recommends: 2 PSI Maximum air pressure


    To find the dunnage bag that best fits your cargo securement needs, contact FROMM today.

    Dunnage Bags