End-of-Line Packaging Equipment for the Distribution Industry

    We have been designing, manufacturing, and servicing end-of-line packaging equipment for the distribution industry for over 70 years. Our strapping and wrapping tools and machines will increase efficiency, product throughput, and load integrity to ensure the cost-effective and secure transport of goods from the warehouse to the end customer.

    Having the best packaging solutions will ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency, which is especially important in an industry dealing with high volumes of products.


    Wrapping Machines

    Our complete range of pallet wrapping machines, which includes semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment, comes with optional enhancements, such as label applicators, top sheet devices, and weighing scales. Our solutions are suitable for both hot and cold environments and are capable of wrapping one pallet per hour up to 130 pallets per hour.

    Strapping Machines

    Our full range of strapping machines includes small fixed strapping heads to automatic solutions for larger objects and pallets. Label applicators, corner protection, and robot devices can also be included.

    Hand Strapping Tools

    Our hand strapping tool options include ergonomically designed steel or plastic battery-powered or pneumatically powered tools for offline unitizing of products.

    Pallet Wrapping Films

    Our premium-quality hand and machine wrapping films are designed to suit any application, and our hand films are designed to stretch with minimal force. Let our machines do the work.


    Choose from steel, plastic (PET), or PP strapping in a variety of sizes and colours that are fit for purpose. You also have the option to print onto the strap for ease of product identification.

    Custom design a complete packaging solution for distribution

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