Polyester, Polypropylene, Cord and Steel strapping

    Industry leading Plastic strapping, Polypropylene straps, steel banding to secure your transport

    We offer packaging straps for all requirements, including polyester (PET), polypropylene, steel, and cord straps. With the wide variety of packaging straps available, you can get all your packaging solutions and materials from a single source.



    Strapping is a flat, flexible material that helps to bundle products together, strengthen cartons, and to reinforce items to pallets for secure shipment. It minimize product damage by keeping the load under tension. This tension prevents the load from shifting or slipping out of place. These strapping materials comes in variety of options. There are four strapping materials, Steel, Polyester (PET) , PP (Polypropylene) and cord.

    Polyester strapping

    polyesterPolyester strapping features high-impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and elastic memory. Choose from hand or machine-grade polyester strapping, as well as a smooth or embossed surface.Polyester is one of the most rigid of all strapping materials. It elongates significantly less than polypropylene and retains tension over a longer period.

    FROMM Plastic Strap is a sustainable packaging solution.FROMM Plastic Strapping is manufactured in our production centres using up to 98% recycled polyester bottle material on state-of-the-art extrusion lines. Plastic Strapping Variety and Options FROMM can produce Plastic Strap in traditional green, and a range of colours for different customers or markets. Smooth or embossed, printed and now with the innovative super jumbo coils

    plastic strap for pipes


    poly strap for turbine


    packaging supplies for building materials


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    polypropylene strapping


    Polypropylene strapping is the most economical of all strapping material and is available in machine grade, hand grade, and portable carton configurations. It’s light and easy to apply and recycle. Polypropylene strapping material has high elongation and elongation recovery, but low retained tension. It is a perfect choice for light duty palletizing, unitizing, carton closing, and bundling. It is used in all semi automatic strappers and many stand alone arch machines.


    Machine Grade Polypropylene Hand Grade Polypropylene Portable Strapping Kits 

    Machine grade strapping is polypropylene or polyester designed to run through full track,
    arch machines.

    Packaging: Coils are packaged 1 coil per carton, 24 coils per pallet. Product is available in a wide range of specifications from 5mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm widths and a variety of strap thickness. 


    Hand grade product is designed to be applied by hand, with manual, battery powered or pneumatic tools.

    Packaging: Coils are packaged 1 coil per carton, 24 coils per pallet. 24x6 coils are 7 coils per pallet. 

    Portable strapping kits are available in a variety of configurations from kits inclusive of strap only to kits that come complete with buckles and tensioning tool.

    This is the ultimate strapping kit designed for the customer who wants a premium strapping system. FROMM Strapping kits are equipped with everything needed for your packaging needs


    Steel Strapping

    steel_strapSteel strapping has been the benchmark strapping/unitizing globally for many years which is now rapidly being replaced by PET in many industries, however FROMM still recommends the use of Steel for many applications such as high temperature environments and bundling heavy duty loads. Steel is still used in very small products such as pipes and tubes, and also in hot environments where the strapping is in contact with hot products.


    All FROMM steel strapping conforms to ASTM specification #D3953-12. FROMM steel strapping is consistent in width, gauge, and finish. Published break strengths are average and meet or exceed industry standards. FROMM stocks both regular duty and high tensile at several locations. In addition to the stock sizes listed, we can also supply specialty products on request.

    • Regular Duty Steel Strapping

      Regular duty steel strapping is manufactured from cold rolled steel. All FROMM regular duty steel can be used in manual and pneumatic tools, as well as automatic steel strapping heads.

    • High Tensile Steel Strapping

      High tensile steel strapping is manufactured from cold rolled steel and heat treated to maximize break strength and ductility. High tensile steel provides additional break strength and shock resistance for your toughest applications.

    • Portable Cartons

      Steel portable coils are used in a variety of applications where a full coil of steel is not needed or is not practical. All portable coils are ribbon wound in a self-dispensing carton.
      The standard finish on FROMM steel strapping is black, painted, and waxed. Alternative finishes are available on request.



    Polyester cord strapping is manufactured from polyester fibers, yielding one of the strongest non-metallic strapping materials available. It can be applied with hand tools, using buckles or seals, or it can be tied. In addition to the standard sizes, we feature several specialty products, used extensively in the marine and agricultural industry.

    Color coding and printing is available on all polyester cord at a moderate surcharge. Please contact customer service or your sales representative for details. 

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