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    How Shipping and Packaging Can Save Time with Inline Strapping Solutions

    Chris LutesPosted on July 23, 2019


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    Your shipping and packaging team is constantly on the go. Even when everyone’s working at full tilt, though, you sometimes have queues of shipments waiting to be strapped and packaged.

    If this is your daily reality, you might be looking for automation that can help you save time and money. Inline strapping solutions may be just what you’re looking for.

    Inline Strapping Solutions Handle High Throughput

    Inline strapping solutions are ideal for high-throughput packaging operations. The machines are designed to handle high-volume, repetitive strapping jobs.

    An inline solution will move much faster than its human counterparts, meaning you can put through more units than a single human employee could in an hour.

    That’s good news for managers with busy packaging departments. You might be able to reach the end of your strapping queue much sooner, either using the machine alone or having employees work alongside it. You may even be able to free up some employees to work on other tasks.

    If your shipment volume has been increasing, an inline strapping solution might be a better investment than hiring extra hands.

    An Inline Strapping Machine Doesn’t Tire

    Another way inline strapping solutions save time is that they don’t experience fatigue. The machine can work at the same pace throughout the day. If you can put through 26 pallets an hour, you can count on completing 26 pallets every hour. While machines do require maintenance and there may occasionally be errors, chances are the machine will have a very steady output.

    Human workers will eventually experience fatigue, which accounts for 13 percent of workplace injuries. They’ll need to take breaks, and they may slow down. As a result, you’ll have less steady throughput of units. Some hours of the day will be incredibly productive, while others will be less so.

    For example, in a busy shipping department, you need reliable speed so you can be sure packages will be sent out and delivered on time. An inline packaging machine can save you time in this way too. You won’t have to reschedule pick-ups and deliveries because of delays, and you won’t need to apologize to customers if their time-sensitive orders don’t arrive when they need them.

    You also won’t need to worry as much about damaged items or needing to repackage units. When human workers get tired, they make mistakes, so you may end up needing to redo some strapping jobs that just weren’t satisfactory. You may also see an increase in damage if you don’t catch a poor strapping job before it goes out.

    The machine will strap each unit with the same tension, in the same manner, leading to more secure bundles.

    An Inline Strapping Solution Can Handle Awkward Items

    Your workers may also be slowed down by awkward items, such as metal rods, extrusions, and timber. These items can be difficult to bundle and strap, so it often takes more time to strap them correctly.

    Inline strapping solutions are built to handle these awkwardly shaped units. Customized strapping machines can handle timber and metal rods more easily than your workers can manually.

    The end result is you can move more units through, increasing your productivity and ensuring every shipment makes it out the door on time.

    Design Your Custom Inline Solution Today

    Inline strapping solutions can speed up the strapping process and raise productivity. In short, they may help you strap and send shipments faster.

    The best inline strapping solution for any business is customized – designed to meet the unique needs of the packaging and shipping departments. Whether you use plastic or metal straps or require a machine designed to hold awkward items, a customized inline solution is the answer.

    If you want to learn more about what an inline solution might look like for your business, get in touch with the experts. They can help you design your custom solution with ease.

    Chris Lutes

    Chris Lutes is responsible for new business development at FROMM Packaging Systems. He joined the company in 2016 and has been instrumental in FROMM's rapid growth in the Canadian market ever since. Chris launched his career in the retail industry where he was responsible for a team of 50 people and 40 million dollars of sales prior to making the transition to the packaging industry approximately seven years ago. Prior to joining FROMM, Chris was involved in the poly industry. In his spare time, Chris enjoys curling, golf, and shooting things at his gun club.

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