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    Why You Need a Custom-Engineered Packaging System

    Rick WilliamsPosted on October 28, 2021


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    There are many different types of packaging and strapping systems out there, and there are a number of tools to help you get the job done. Chances are you’ve considered at least a few of them. You may even have adopted one, hoping it would help you streamline operations, lower costs, and improve productivity and efficiencies.

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    Maybe it did, but now you’re wondering if there are other ways to improve on your packaging processes. You’re searching through the many different systems available, but none of them seem engineered to meet your specific needs. They may all be lacking the same features.

    Is it possible to get everything you need in one packaging system?

    It is. It’s time to consider a custom-engineered packaging system for your plant.

    A Custom-Engineered Packaging System Responds to Your Needs

    One of the issues with the packaging system solutions on the market is that they don’t necessarily address your specific requirements. They may have features you don’t need, or they may not have the ones you want.

    Often, to get exactly what you need, you must combine two or three systems. This can lead to issues, as not all of the machines are compatible with each other. What may seem to be the perfect system on paper is flawed in reality.

    A custom-engineered packaging system takes the guesswork out of combining different systems. Built from the ground up, an integrated strapping solution or wrapping system will include every aspect needed to address the realities of packaging in your plant.

    A Custom Solution Saves Money

    Another reason you should look at a customized solution for your packaging needs is that it can save you money.

    The custom automated packaging solution may initially cost more, and it represents an upfront investment. However, the less expensive option is going to cost you more later down the line.

    How? The generic solution you buy off the shelf isn’t geared for your plant operations. You may need to modify it to perform certain functions. This could lead to additional wear and tear on your machine, resulting in equipment failure and expensive replacement costs.  

    The machine may also not integrate seamlessly with other pieces you need in the system, resulting in downtime and lost productivity.

    These costs add up. In fact, every hour of downtime could cost a business thousands of dollars. What seemed to be the more economical solution suddenly has a much higher price tag.

    Over time, the custom-engineered packaging solution will actually cost you less. It will also help you package product correctly the first time, leading to less damage and fewer returns as well.

    It Increases Productivity

    An integrated strapping and wrapping solution is designed to fit your plant’s needs, which means you can streamline your packaging operations. As a result, operations will speed up.

    This increased speed raises the productivity of the packaging process. You can package more per hour when you have a system that works seamlessly with your daily operations.

    It also means your team can increase their productivity. They can spend less time on the packaging tasks, especially those that can be automated. You may even be able to automate tasks you didn’t know could be automated with a custom solution.

    If you’re wondering how to improve packaging efficiency in your plant, a custom-engineered system for packaging could be the answer.


    Rick Williams

    Rick Williams has been employed in the packaging industry for the past 35 years, with a primary focus in the areas of semi-automatic and automatic equipment sales in conjunction with a wide variety of strapping tools. Rick is well-versed in consumable sales and their applications and has taken part in several packaging-related sales training and equipment forums over the years. In his spare time, Rick enjoys golfing and spending time with friends and family. He has also recently taken up recreational snowmobiling, although the lack of snow has not been favourable to enjoy the hundreds of miles of groomed trails Southern Ontario has to offer.

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