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    Why Every Shipping Department Needs a Stretch Wrap Turntable

    Daryn RadkePosted on March 26, 2024


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    Most shipping departments handle a large volume of different load sizes on a daily basis. A small order may head off to one customer, while a much larger batch of products moves out to another plant.

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    As a result, your team is almost always strapping, wrapping, and palletizing loads. You, in turn, are always looking for ways to make operations more efficient. A stretch wrap turntable could be the solution you’re seeking.

    A Stretch Wrap Turntable Saves You Time

    If you haven’t already invested in a stretch wrap turntable, you may want to consider it to speed up operations and save time.

    The turntable will save you time because it automates some of the tasks your team is completing by hand. Rather than someone grabbing the stretch film and manually wrapping the pallet, the turntable does it automatically.

    To use the stretch wrap machine, simply place a load on the turntable. The turntable rotates, wrapping the stretch film around the load.

    This reduces the time and effort your team has to put into wrapping each load. It’s more efficient, which means you can move more pallets through more quickly. Your team can get more done in less time, meaning you’ll have the capacity to handle even more orders coming through the shipping department.

    It Makes Your Workplace Safer

    Another benefit of the stretch wrap turntable is its ability to make your workplace safer for your employees.

    Since it automates tasks, it reduces the fatigue your employees may experience when they’re on the floor. If they’re manually wrapping multiple pallets per hour, they’re going to eventually tire.

    Workplace fatigue can have many negative effects, including poor decision making. Employees may act in an unsafe manner. They may also act in unsafe ways if they feel they need to rush. They may be concerned about not meeting quota or having a large and growing number of pallets to wrap.

    A machine doesn’t get tired. As much as it completes wrapping faster, it also doesn’t rush. Additionally, much of the stretch wrap made today requires employees to walk backwards around loads to secure them properly. This is a safety concern in the manufacturing environment. Finally, it also comes with safeguards to protect your employees.

    You benefit from fewer injuries and safer workers.

    It Will Save You Money

    An old saying is “time is money,” and those working in a shipping department often feel the truth of these words. If you don’t get an order out on time, the customer may send the order back, ask for a discount, or, even worse, place the next order with the competition.

    Inefficiency also decreases productivity. The less productive you are, the more it shows on the bottom line. Inefficiency can also run up your labour costs.

    Rushing can also cause problems though, especially if pallets aren’t wrapped correctly. Damages can occur if stretch wrap is applied incorrectly, which then costs the company as well.


    Machines that pre-stretch the wrap are much more efficient at wrapping and use up to 60% less material compared to hand wrapping. It doesn’t take much material to justify such an expenditure.

    Worker injuries can also result in financial loss for the business. Since a stretch wrap turntable lowers fatigue, it also helps prevent injuries.

    As you can see, there are many ways a stretch wrap turntable can save your shipping department money.

    A Turntable Can Fit Your Needs

    Stretch wrap turntables come in different sizes and models, which means your stretch wrap machine manufacturer will be able to recommend one that fits your needs. Many of them are designed to work with high volumes and different load sizes. Many are also designed to save space, meaning you don’t need to worry about them crowding the floor of your busy shipping department.

    If you haven’t thought about a stretch wrap turntable yet, it’s time to consider one for your shipping operations.

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    Daryn Radke

    Daryn Radke has been a sales agent with FROMM Packaging for over three years. Daryn came to FROMM with over 30 years of manufacturing and consulting experience in all aspects of operations. This includes roles as a production analyst, business development manager, materials manager, plant manager, supply chain consultant, and business owner in software integrations. Daryn currently uses this well-rounded expertise to consult with his customers in packaging solutions to improve the effectiveness of their operations. Daryn is certified in Six Sigma, Organizational Design, Quick Changeover, Taguchi Design of Experiments, Material Management, and Strategic Business Planning.

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