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    Top 5 Reasons to Choose the Right Tool

    Rick WilliamsPosted on December 18, 2019


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    When it comes to almost any task in your plant, you want to use the right tools for the job. There are so many reasons to make sure you have the right equipment, from saving money to helping your team be more productive.

    There are some tasks where it’s clear you must have the right tools. For other tasks, like strapping applications, you may not be as concerned about having the “right” tool. An older handheld strapping tool or separate sealers and cutters might seem like enough to get the job done.

    Having the wrong tools for your strapping applications could be costing you more than you realize. Here are the five top reasons to make sure you’re always working with the right equipment.

    1. The Wrong Tool Increases Worker Fatigue and Injuries

    You may not have made the connection between equipment you’re using and workplace injuries. Using the wrong tools, though, increases the risks for your employees.

    The wrong strapping tools, for example, can increase the risk of eye injuries or cuts. Your team members might also be at higher risk of burns or other injuries if they’re using old or poorly maintained tools.

    The wrong tools also increase the amount of work your operators need to do. They may have to apply more force or they have to strap a load more than once. In turn, they tire faster. Worker fatigue can lead to injuries, as people make more mistakes when they’re tired.

    2. You Might Be Wasting Supplies

    Another reason to carefully consider which tools you’re using is the issue of waste. You could be wasting supplies if you’re not using the right tools.

    As mentioned, your team members might end up strapping and re-strapping packages and bundles, which means they’re using far more strapping than they need to. The wrong tools could lead to more broken straps and poor cuts, or seals that don’t hold up against strain.

    If you’re constantly over on your strapping supply budget or you’re always running out of supplies, it’s time to take a look at the tools you’re using. The right tool can make the world of difference in savings.

    3. Increases in Damages and Lost Product

    Using the wrong strapping tool can also lead to increased damages or lost product. Straps that are too tight cut into the product, damaging it. On the other hand, if the straps aren’t tight enough, the product may slip loose and end up damaged or entirely unusable.

    The right tool, by contrast, helps you find the right tension every time. When straps are neither too tight nor too loose, your products will remain safe and pristine.

    4. Lost Productivity on the Floor

    The wrong tools can also lead to lower production on the floor. It’s easy to see how. Workers who are tired slow down and don’t get as much done. If people constantly need to wrestle with the tools or re-do strapping jobs, then they’re not being as efficient as they could be. Finally, worker injuries mean lost time.

    If the floor of your shipping department is constantly full of packages and bundles awaiting strapping, then you should assess the tools you’re using. The right tools improve efficiency, making it easier for your team to get their jobs done.

    5. Your Customers Are Unhappy

    Finally, the wrong tools can also end up costing you customers. As discussed, the wrong strapping tools could lead to product damage and delays in shipping. Your customers probably won’t be happy if their order turns up damaged or late or even both.

    If this happens on a regular basis, then your customers are going to complain. They may even look for another supplier.

    Your best bet is to always use the right tools. With them, you can save money, improve productivity, and meet your customers’ expectations every time.

    Finding the Right Tool 

    When seeking out new tools, you want to make sure to choose a manufacturer that can fulfill the needs of your industry and offer any additional support you may require. Seek out tool manufacturers who are well-known and have extensive experience. If you’re not sure what tools will be the best fit for your business, talk to the experts. They can help you discover tools that are the right fit.

    Rick Williams

    Rick Williams has been employed in the packaging industry for the past 35 years, with a primary focus in the areas of semi-automatic and automatic equipment sales in conjunction with a wide variety of strapping tools. Rick is well-versed in consumable sales and their applications and has taken part in several packaging-related sales training and equipment forums over the years. In his spare time, Rick enjoys golfing and spending time with friends and family. He has also recently taken up recreational snowmobiling, although the lack of snow has not been favourable to enjoy the hundreds of miles of groomed trails Southern Ontario has to offer.

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