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    Things to Consider Before Choosing a Canadian Packaging Manufacturer

    Rick WilliamsPosted on January 08, 2020


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    If you’re considering a new packaging manufacturer as part of your New Year’s business resolutions, you may be eyeing a partner who’s a little closer to home. Choosing the right partner is key to your plant’s success. Having the right equipment and support can help improve productivity, reduce downtime, and so much more.

    Before you decide on a Canadian packaging manufacturer, consider some of the following factors.

    Support Provided by a Canadian Packaging Manufacturer

    One of the first questions to ask is how much support any Canadian packaging manufacturer will provide to you and your team. After all, one reason you’re choosing a packaging manufacturer that’s closer to home is for ease of communication and proximity. You hope to receive better service by working with someone in Canada versus someone in Europe or another country.

    Some manufacturers offer very little in the way of support. They don’t have ongoing maintenance programs, or they outsource jobs to other companies. Some might not provide training programs. You may have to go through a supplier to get access to the training your team needs.

    Some manufacturers, on the other hand, provide robust support. They’ll deliver training for you and your team whenever you need it. They also have ongoing maintenance programs, and they’ll send their own qualified technicians to help you diagnose and troubleshoot your packaging equipment.

    Value vs. Price

    Another factor to keep in mind as you compare Canadian packaging manufacturers is value. Many plant managers are concerned about price, which leads them to only look at the cheaper options.

    You should always think about the value your partner is providing. Training and support are key elements of this. You can also look at the quality of machines and materials, as well as how well the manufacturer’s solutions work end to end.

    Some suppliers, particularly distribution often sources materials from several manufacturers. You need to be careful, for consistency reasons, that you are always getting the same product on reorders. 

    Keep in mind that a good manufacturer can often cut your cost by recommending products more suitable to your application. Often, getting the right product for your application can save you more money than trying to negotiate a savings on an existing specification. You can have both great price and great value when you work with a Canadian packaging manufacturer.


    You may not consider innovation when researching potential partners. After all, you just want to buy some strapping tools or a stretch wrapper, but these purchases should also be seen as an investment.

    When your business invests in tools or technology, you want to make sure it is both cutting-edge and tested for your plant conditions. You should take some time to discover what each company has been up to in their R&D labs.  

    An innovative company is also one that’s forward-thinking. You can be sure you’re buying not just equipment, but equipment that’s designed to help you work smarter. You can also rest assured innovative solutions will continue to be part of the company’s lineup. When it comes time to replace your current technology, you know you’ll have access to the latest innovations.

    A company that innovates with its packaging products is also likely to innovate elsewhere. Maybe you’ll find a partner with a better way of delivering maintenance or an innovative way of repairing machines. Anything is possible with the right partner.

    A Name You Trust

    The final factor you should consider when choosing a Canadian packaging manufacturer is brand. Some packaging manufacturers have been in business for decades, and generations of workers have come to trust their products.

    Other brands are new to the market and untested. While they may be innovative or priced right, they may not be able to deliver the quality and consistent performance of a brand that’s been around the block.

    If you’re still thinking about which Canadian packaging manufacturer is the right fit for your plant, it’s time to get in touch with one of the most trusted names in packaging.

    Rick Williams

    Rick Williams has been employed in the packaging industry for the past 35 years, with a primary focus in the areas of semi-automatic and automatic equipment sales in conjunction with a wide variety of strapping tools. Rick is well-versed in consumable sales and their applications and has taken part in several packaging-related sales training and equipment forums over the years. In his spare time, Rick enjoys golfing and spending time with friends and family. He has also recently taken up recreational snowmobiling, although the lack of snow has not been favourable to enjoy the hundreds of miles of groomed trails Southern Ontario has to offer.

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