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    Minimizing Environmental Impact By Reducing Strapping Waste

    Daryn RadkePosted on January 18, 2023


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    Customers often have many questions regarding the different colors and translucency of polyester strapping. The color of green polyester strap can vary depending on the amount of recycled content used in the raw material. A strap that is made with a higher amount of recycled content may appear less translucent than a strap made with less recycled content.

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    Recycled polyester is created by melting down existing plastic products and mechanically chopping it up into small pieces called "flakes" before they are cleaned and processed to create new polyester fibers which are then used to create new products such as straps.

    This process of making recycled polyester is more complex than making virgin polyester, as the plastic waste needs to be sorted and cleaned before it can be mechanically chopped into flakes, which are less consistent in size and shape than virgin polyester, which can result in variations in color and translucency of the final product.

    It is important to note that the less translucency of a strap made with recycled content does not affect its strength or durability. The strap will still be able to perform its intended function just as well as a strap made with less recycled content.

    Our vision
    Reduce, Reuse & Recycle –Reduced resource consumption by better efficiency, reuse of products and recycling and conversion of materials. We do our part conscientiously and will continue to do so in the future. We actively strive, within all our capabilities, to develop and produce better products for a better planet.
    Together with our customers, we will find the most practical and sustainable solutions. Where logistically possible and environmentally conscious, we bring the materials back to the recycling facilities or look for other ways to achieve sustainable responsible solutions.


    Sustainability through the Reuse of Recycled Plastic Bottles in Polyester Strap Production


    Fromm packaging, is an example of a company that values the environment by reusing over 500 million recycled plastic bottles each year in the manufacturing of polyester strap. This not only helps in reducing waste but also preserves the environment. The use of recycled polyester is an environmentally friendly option and is becoming more popular in the industry. 

    Additionally, manufacturing products from recycled materials requires less energy compared to using virgin materials, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve fossil fuels. Using recycled materials instead of virgin materials also helps to conserve natural resources such as oil and natural gas, which are used to make plastic bottles. This ultimately helps to reduce pollution, encourages recycling and preserves the environment.

    In conclusion: A brief overview of the main takeaways

    In summary, the color and translucency of green polyester straps can vary due to the amount of recycled content used in the manufacturing process. Straps made with a higher amount of recycled content may appear less translucent. However, this does not affect the strength or durability of the product. 

    For example, in the production of FROMM STARstrap Polyester Strap, sorted quality Flakes from used polyester bottles and other polyester packaging materials are used. The same applies to our HDPE Airpad films where we use PE recyclate or work with biodegradable base materials.

    Our knowledgeable and helpful customer service team can assist you with any questions or clarifications If you’re wondering what’s right for your industry, get in touch with the experts.


    Daryn Radke

    Daryn Radke has been a sales agent with FROMM Packaging for over three years. Daryn came to FROMM with over 30 years of manufacturing and consulting experience in all aspects of operations. This includes roles as a production analyst, business development manager, materials manager, plant manager, supply chain consultant, and business owner in software integrations. Daryn currently uses this well-rounded expertise to consult with his customers in packaging solutions to improve the effectiveness of their operations. Daryn is certified in Six Sigma, Organizational Design, Quick Changeover, Taguchi Design of Experiments, Material Management, and Strategic Business Planning.

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