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    How an End-to-End Packaging Solution Boosts Manufacturing Efficiency

    Rick WilliamsPosted on February 15, 2022


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    Most manufacturers today are looking to maximize efficiency in their processes. Whether it’s increasing individual employee productivity or streamlining operations, possible improvements to efficiency are almost everywhere.

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    One area you might be considering is your packaging processes. You’ve probably guessed that you can find efficiencies here too. An end-to-end packaging solution might just be your best bet if you’re hoping to increase efficiency.

    A Packaging Solution for All Your Needs

    An end-to-end packaging solution is one that considers all of your packaging needs and works to create a streamlined process for meeting them.

    A fully integrated packaging system will incorporate wrapping systems, strapping systems, label applicators, protective packaging, and more to ensure packaging is as seamless as possible. Tasks like stretch wrapping and strapping can be performed automatically using these systems. Safety zones, corner guards, and robotics improve safety as well.

    How exactly does this packaging solution create more efficiency? The first benefit is clear. The streamlined process reduces the time it takes to pack your products for shipment. Automation also improves speed, with some systems handling up to 130 packages an hour.

    This increased speed means your product is packed and shipped faster. It can also free up employees’ time to work on other tasks, adding to increased productivity on the floor.

    Reducing Damages and Returns

    Another advantage of end-to-end packaging solutions is a reduction in the number of returns and damages you’ll receive. Since the system is partially automated, it increases accuracy. Tension can be optimally set, reducing variation in the process and the risk of damage during transport.

    This improves efficiency in a few ways. The number one cause of damage and returns is worker error. Variation introduced into the packaging process from different employees using the equipment in different ways. End-to-end packaging solutions automate the process to eliminate this human component. As a result, your team can doesn’t need to spend time processing claims and returns. You also don’t need to issue credits or package replacement products to go to the client. Finally, you can reduce wasted product.

    Free up Storage Space

    You may not have given much thought to the role your packaging solution plays in warehousing and storage costs for your plant. An end-to-end packaging solution will free up space by eliminating much of the work in process inventory. Products do not have to be staged between stations so the solution eliminates bottlenecks and the potential for damage and product loss.

    This improved use of storage space allows you to reduce the costs associated with it.

    Getting the Right Service

    Another way efficiency is improved with an end-to-end packaging solution is procuring the right service for the equipment you’re using. If you use equipment from several different providers, you may need to deal with many vendors for maintenance.

    When you adopt an integrated solution, all of your packaging equipment will be maintained and serviced by a single vendor. They’ll be able to provide superior service. The integrated solution ensures all of the system’s parts work together.

    This has enormous effects on efficiency in a manufacturing plant. For one, preventative maintenance can increase the lifetime of the machines. It also prevents downtime. The single-provider solution can also mean faster service.

    Expert knowledge can also be transferred to your team when training is provided. This helps you keep operations running smoothly, so you can increase throughput and maximize efficiency.

    Customized Solutions Meet Your Needs

    Many end-to-end packaging solutions can be customized to meet the individual needs of your business. The size of your business, the industry you’re in, and the products you package matter.

    Getting a solution custom designed to meet your needs will help you improve throughput, minimize waste, and maximize efficiency.

    What can end-to-end packaging solutions do for your plant? Talk to a provider today and discover just how you could improve not just the packaging process, but efficiency overall.


    Rick Williams

    Rick Williams has been employed in the packaging industry for the past 35 years, with a primary focus in the areas of semi-automatic and automatic equipment sales in conjunction with a wide variety of strapping tools. Rick is well-versed in consumable sales and their applications and has taken part in several packaging-related sales training and equipment forums over the years. In his spare time, Rick enjoys golfing and spending time with friends and family. He has also recently taken up recreational snowmobiling, although the lack of snow has not been favorable to enjoy the hundreds of miles of groomed trails Southern Ontario has to offer.

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