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    How Automated strapping machine can increase efficiency in plant
    Automated Packaging Solutions

    How an Automated Strapping Machine Improves Plant Efficiency

    Daryn RadkePosted on March 29, 2024


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    Plant managers today are facing increasing demands to enhance the efficiency of their operations. While you may have already delved into strategies to boost machine uptime and employee productivity, there are likely other areas within your processes where efficiency gains have yet to be fully tapped into.

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    Have you thought about how you package your products to get to market? Shipping and packing processes take a good deal of time, and many plants still use time-intensive manual procedures to get the job done.

    There are packaging solutions, like the automated strapping machine, wrapping machine, and protective packaging solutions. Adopting one of these machines is a smart first step towards achieving better plant efficiency. Here’s how one can help.

    An Automated Strapping Machine Is Faster

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    Handheld strapping tools might be convenient, but they drain your workers' time and energy.  If you're struggling with inefficient strapping that slows down your shipping, it's time to consider an automated strapping machine. These machines address the pain points of manual work with lightning-fast operation.  

    With automation, your throughput will skyrocket, making product preparation for shipment easier than ever.


    Reducing Worker Fatigue and Improving Safety

    By switching to an automated process, you can help improve safety in your plant. Workers get tired, which is one of the reasons they slow down. When they’re tired, they’re also more likely to get hurt.

    An automated strapping machine takes the load off your workers’ shoulders, preventing fatigue and reducing the number of injuries. Your team will be more efficient when everyone’s able to give 100 percent.

    Freeing up Employees’ Time for Other Tasks


    By automating the strapping process, your employees will have the freedom to focus on other essential tasks that may have previously been neglected due to time constraints.

    With the burden of strapping lifted off their shoulders and entrusted to the efficient automated strapping machine, your team will experience a significant boost in productivity during each shift. This dual benefit enhances efficiency on the plant floor, leading to a more streamlined operation overall.


    The Right Solution Can Reduce Mistakes

    One reason you may prefer handheld strapping tools is that many are often battery-operated and very flexible to use in the manufacturing process.  However, this same flexibility introduces errors by misusing the tools. Many workers are involved, and mistakes are inevitable.

    The right machine eliminates strapping errors reducing packaging mistakes in your plant. This contributes to efficiencies by reducing costs.

    A Customized Machine Provides for Your Needs

    Another concern you may have about automated strapping machines is whether or not they can handle your plant’s specific needs.

    Customized solutions exist, and they can relieve your fears that the machine may not be able to do what you need it to do. A custom solution can be retrofitted to an existing facility or designed for a brand-new plant.

    No matter your industry or your specialized needs, the right manufacturer can work with you to create an individualized solution.

    Reduce Damage, Returns, and Waste

    Another advantage of switching to an automated solution for strapping is that it can reduce damage during transit. This results in lower rates of claims and returns from your customers. It also saves you time, as you no longer need to process as many returns or ship replacement products.

    This also reduces product waste and shipping materials. The machine’s ability to adjust tension and cut strapping with precision further reduces waste.

    Realize Better Efficiency with Automated Strapping

    If you’re searching for efficiencies, take a look at how your plant handles packaging and shipping. An automated strapping machine could be one part of a solution designed to boost efficiency throughout the process.


    Daryn Radke

    Daryn Radke has been a sales agent with FROMM Packaging for over three years. Daryn came to FROMM with over 30 years of manufacturing and consulting experience in all aspects of operations. This includes roles as a production analyst, business development manager, materials manager, plant manager, supply chain consultant, and business owner in software integrations. Daryn currently uses this well-rounded expertise to consult with his customers in packaging solutions to improve the effectiveness of their operations. Daryn is certified in Six Sigma, Organizational Design, Quick Changeover, Taguchi Design of Experiments, Material Management, and Strategic Business Planning.

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