FYI: You Can Customize Packaging Systems and Design Them to Your Needs

    Rick WilliamsPosted on July 25, 2019


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    The floor of your shipping department is often lined with packages ready to be strapped and wrapped. Your team handles these tasks manually and, as orders increase, they’re having a hard time keeping up.

    You’ve thought about installing a packaging system to automate part or all of the process so you can free up your team and get through the backlog of packaging sooner. You know a system could save time and money.

    The problem is that of all the packaging systems you’ve seen, none of them fits your needs. There’s always something that just doesn’t work.

    Here’s what you need to know about how you can customize a packaging system and design it to fit your needs.

    Packaging Systems and Design by You

    Many plant managers and shippers feel the same way about off-the-shelf packaging systems and design. The basics are all there, but because of the specifics of your industry or individual requirements, there’s something not quite right about any system you have seen.

    Some industries have special requirements, such as dealing with metal rods or timber. These items can be awkward to handle and difficult to strap properly. So far, you haven’t found a system that can contend with them.

    Others may find they need more flexibility than that offered by most packaging systems. You need to handle a wide variety of items. You might need to put different items in different kinds of packaging, or you might have limited floor space or low ceilings.

    Still other people may need to use a certain kind of strap, or feel they may need to switch back and forth among different kinds.

    The solution to this scenario is a customized packaging system, designed by you.

    Customizing Your Packaging System

    In many cases, you’ll be able to take those off-the-shelf packaging systems and design them to better serve your needs. During the customization process, you may be able to switch out certain parts. You could add functionality to the line. You can increase worker protection by adding more safety mechanisms.

    Machines can be customized to operate the way you need them to. You can also install mechanisms to handle awkward items more easily. You can add input and output conveying to streamline product movement.

    In short, there’s no reason you can’t find a packaging solution to meet your needs.

    Building from the Ground Up

    When it comes to packaging systems and designing a customized solution, your best bet may be to build from scratch.

    Some manufacturers will start you with a base model or system they’ve designed to work in most industries or applications. It can then be tweaked for functionality, adding parts and changing functions.

    This isn’t a truly customized solution, though, and it can lead to less than optimum throughput. Many times, the best way to go about designing your packaging system is to build it from the ground up.

    Most manufacturers will use their expertise to help you. They will start by showing you examples to help inspire you or guide your thinking, but you’ll start with a blank slate and work through each of your requirements.

    The end result of this process is a truly custom system. It addresses each of your needs. What’s more, the system is designed so the parts work together seamlessly, integrated into your workflow, so you will be ensured of optimum throughput and won’t encounter the kinds of snags often involved when you start swapping out parts on a base model.

    Find Your Ideal Packaging Solution

    If you haven’t adopted a new packaging system because you can’t find one that fits your needs, there’s a solution. You can customize a packaging system and design it so it addresses the concerns of your business.

    If you think a customized solution might be the right answer for your plant, it’s time to get in touch with the experts and start designing your ideal packaging solution.

    Rick Williams

    Rick Williams has been employed in the packaging industry for the past 35 years, with a primary focus in the areas of semi-automatic and automatic equipment sales in conjunction with a wide variety of strapping tools. Rick is well-versed in consumable sales and their applications and has taken part in several packaging-related sales training and equipment forums over the years. In his spare time, Rick enjoys golfing and spending time with friends and family. He has also recently taken up recreational snowmobiling, although the lack of snow has not been favourable to enjoy the hundreds of miles of groomed trails Southern Ontario has to offer.

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