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    5 Questions to Ask Stretch Wrapping Machine Manufacturers

    Phil EricksonPosted on April 25, 2019


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    You have choices when it comes to how to improve the efficiency of your plant operations. Some of those choices involve how you pack and ship products. Investing in new machinery can help you save time, lower costs, and reduce damages.

    The question is what kind of packaging solution you should invest in. You still have several options when it comes to improving packaging processes.

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    One option you might consider is a stretch wrapping machine. Before you invest in this solution, you want to be sure you’re selecting the right solution for your plant. Ask stretch wrapping machine manufacturers these five questions, and making the right choice will be much easier.

    1. Ask Stretch Wrapping Machine Manufacturers about Machine Specifications

    Your plant is unique, and you need a machine that meets your needs. You may need to load a unique pallet size on the machine. You may have several different pallet sizes you use within your plant.

    You’ll want to ask any stretch wrapping machine manufacturer about the specifications of their different models. What’s the maximum load size the machine can handle?

    You’ll also want to know about the stretch wrapping itself. What’s the maximum size you can use in this machine? If you want to run wrap that exceeds standard sizes, will you need a different machine?

    Don’t forget to ask if the carriage has pre-stretched capability. A pre-stretched carriage can save on wrapping costs.

    2. Inquire about Safety Features

    A stretch wrapping machine can help you reduce worker fatigue and introduce a form of automation. Both of these features help reduce injuries in the workplace.

    That said, the machines can pose a danger to your employees. Always ask a stretch wrap machine manufacturer about the safety features on the model you’re considering.

    Does the machine include carriage guards to prevent operators’ hands from becoming caught? How is the film loaded, and are there safety mechanisms to prevent pinching operators between the film and the load?

    There are many questions to ask when it comes to keeping your workers safe. The right machine will have a number of features to hold safety to a higher standard.

    3. Ask about Automation Options

    Automation reduces the amount of time your people spend on wrapping, improves productivity, and even lowers costs.

    Always ask stretch wrapping machine manufacturers about their automation options. Are all models automation-friendly, or do you need to upgrade to one of the higher end models? Is semi-automation an option?

    Selecting the right automation features will help you achieve your production goals.

    4. Always Inquire about Maintenance

    You want to know the machine you’re purchasing is both reliable and durable. Ask the manufacturer about their recommendations for changing parts and performing maintenance.

    You’ll want to ask about the parts within the machine as well. Is there metal-on-metal contact anywhere that could cause wear and tear? Do you need to lubricate any of the parts and, if so, how often?

    Asking the right questions will help you take care of the machine, as well as estimate the costs of maintenance over its lifetime.

    5. Ask about Support

    You should always ask about available support. If there’s an issue, can you call in and talk to someone? If the machine needs maintenance, does the manufacturer provide it?

    The best stretch wrapping machine manufacturers offer you comprehensive support for your new machine. They should provide demonstrations and training to your staff as well.

    By asking the correct questions, you can easily evaluate the different manufacturers and models on the market. With the answers in hand, you can choose the right stretch wrapping machine for your plant.


    Phil Erickson

    Phil Erickson is the general manager of FROMM Packaging Systems Canada and a certified mechanical engineering technologist. An out-of-the-box thinker, Phil have been involved in the packaging industry for over 20 years, both in manufacturing management and in sales consulting roles. Phil is well-versed in consumable sales and their applications, including plastic strap, steel strap, and many other packaging related products, such as V.C.I. protective packaging, void filling systems, and total packaging solutions.

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