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    FROMM automated packaging solutions and hand tools are built to last. We manufacture only the highest quality Strapping equipment on the market. FROMM Packaging Systems Canada offers strapping tool repair on our full line of Manual, Pneumatic & Battery Powered Polyester, Polypropylene, and Steel strapping tools. Our factory-trained and highly competent team of technicians will repair and refurbish your strapping tool back to the factory specifications.

    Regular use will, however, require service and maintenance to the wear parts. Our team of qualified and highly trained on-site service technicians will optimize the reliability and performance of your packaging equipment to reduce disruptions, lost time, and late orders.

    We are able to service the full product range of FROMM Packaging, including strapping tools, machinery, and Airpad equipment, and can perform repairs on-site. Our 1100-square-foot facility has all the equipment necessary to fully diagnose, repair, and test all our tools. It is also set up to fully rebuild all types of Airpad equipment and test it in-house before it leaves our facility.

    With our growing inventory of parts, one of our main goals is to decrease downtime for customers, helping you prevent costly delays. We have streamlined and computerized our procedures to ensure that service, both in the field and at our facility, can be completed as quickly as possible to help get you operational.



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    We offer a comprehensive range of service options

    Preventative Maintenance

    We can create a maintenance service program for your strapping equipment to ensure your machines are always operating to required standards. This can eliminate the risk of downtime and reduce operating costs.

    Equipment and Tool Service

    Our available service contracts ensure that if one of your strapping, wrapping, or packaging machines breaks down, we will quickly arrange for a service technician to be on site as soon as possible to rectify the issue.

    We stock a wide variety of spare parts to speed up repairs and get your production process back on track—often as quickly as in one business day.

    Repair Program

    Our dedicated strapping tool repair program team will review your tool’s performance and provide an estimate to service and repair the tool to its optimal performance. Tool Repair  estimation fee will be put towards the tool repair unless the repair is denied, in which case the estimation fee of $60 will be applied.

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    "The service was excellent, we were able to pick up our machine fixed and ready the next day.

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    The services we receive from Fromm are always exceptional.

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    Top Answered Questions

    FROMM Service Center can service and repair all models of manual, pneumatic and battery powered strapping tools and strapping machines.

    What kind of strapping tools can FROMM service and repair ?

    The turnaround time for tool repair depends on the availability of spare parts and the complexity of the issue. FROMM aims to complete tool repair as quickly as possible, often within one business day.

    How long does it take to repair a strapping tool?

    The cost of tool repair varies depending on the type of tool, the extent of damage and the parts required. FROMM charges a $60 estimation fee for tool repair diagnostics. 

    How much does it cost to repair a strapping tool?

    You can fill out an online strapping tool repair form on Tool Repair Request or call 905-428-3444 to speak to a customer service representative.

    How can I request a tool repair service?

    Preventive maintenance can help optimize the performance and reliability of your strapping tools and machines, reduce the risk of downtime and operating costs, and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

    What are the benefits of preventive maintenance for strapping tools and machines?