Electric Sealless Plastic Strapping Head


    MH610 FROMM Strapping heads

    The MH610 is engineered for automatic, heavy-duty industrial polyester (PET) strapping applications. High strap tension makes it ideal for securing heavy unitized goods in the aluminum and steel industry.

    • Strap Qualities :Polyester (PET) 

    • Strap dimensions:25.0 - 32.0 x 0.64 - 1.35 mm

    • Weight :118 kg

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    All electric high tension PET friction weld strapping head for PET strapping up to 32 mm width
    The MH610 strapping head has been designed for automatic, heavy duty industrial PET strapping applications. The head processes PET strapping from widths 25 - 32 mm (1 - 1 1/4“) without any modifications. Very high strap tension settings of up to 7000 N (1545 lbs) allows the application of PET strapping with break strengths up to 18000N (4000 lbs). It is the ideal system for transport securing of heavy, unitized goods in the Aluminium and Steel industry.

    Features :
    • Compact and modular design
    •  One piece of aluminum cast housing
    •  High strap tension up to 7000N (1545 lbs), electronically adjustable
    •  25 mm or 32 mm strap width usable, adjustable without changing parts
    •  Strap guide open feature
    •  Well proven separate feeding, tensioning and friction weld sealing systems
    •  High consistent seal efficiency because of environment temperature monitoring
    •  Long life and maintenance friendly, resulting i



    Strapping Qualities Polyester (PET)
    Strapping Dimensions 25.0 - 32.0 x 0.60 - 1.35 mm
    Strap tension 7000 N / 2500 N (adjustable)
    Sealing method friction welding
    Average seal strength up to 85%
    Tension speed 105 mm/s
    Power supply 230 V - 3PE/60Hz
    Dimension L 615 x W 332 x H 450 mm
    Weight 118 kg










    • Head suspension with power floatingsystem
    •  Mechanical pack height sensor
    •  Thinner or rubber coated base protection plate
    •  Strap guide arch systems
    •  Strap dispensers
    •  Control
    •  Complete custom built strapping machines
    •  Dust cleaning system
    •  Counter



    Everything in the interest of the customer –FROMM heads offer:

    Applications :

    • extended product line with 9 different heads
    • for steel strap with seals or sealless with MicroLock™** option and sealless friction welding for plastic straps
    • available for Semi- and Automatic operation
    • easy to integrate in new and existing systems
    • compact and easy accessible modular design


    Technology and Operation:

    • high and consistent seal efficiency*
    • including the most modern production, control and material technologies

    Service and Quality:

    • durable and virtually maintenance-free
    • designed and manufactured under the strict FROMM quality standards

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