Stretch Wrapping


    FROMM is the leading supplier of advanced engineered pallet wrapping films and orbital wrapping films for a range of applications to suit the specific requirements of the load and wrapping technology used.

    Using the right film can help reduce potential damage to your products in shipping and storage, as well as maximize your load containment and integrity. We can help identify your needs and match the right stretch wrapping film to your application. Our range of wrapping films includes clear, black, specialized colours, UV resistant, and thick or thin gauge films.

    Types of Stretch Wrapping

    Machine Stretch Film

    Our machine-grade stretch films are designed using the latest resins to offer maximum stretch while maintaining pallet load integrity.


    Hand Stretch Film

    Our hand films reduce the effort and stress required by the operator. This modern pallet wrap film allows you to simply walk around the pallet holding the roll, which stretches and shrinks to create the holding force.


    Orbital Wrapping Film

    Our machine-grade orbital stretch film comes in three widths and can be used with FROMM’s orbital semi-automatic and fully automatic wrapping machines. The film is often used to wrap long products, such as pipes, timber, and tubes.


    Bundling Film

    FROMM bundling film is ideal for packaging small items together. The bundling film sticks to itself without adhesive and does not leave a sticky residue on your products.